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Portrait photo of Agne gently smiling and looking directly into camera. Agne has long wavy blonde hair, dark-rimmed glasses, and is wearing a black long-sleeved top. The photo is in black and white.

Hi! My name is Agne, I’m a front-end engineer and I joined Unmade in June 2021.

Since I joined I have worked on a few interesting projects. The first one was creating a Proof of Concept for one of our biggest clients using Shopify, then I worked on expanding the order portal capabilities by implementing a roster feature, and now I’m a part of the factory team. A fun fact, before I joined Unmade, I swore that I will never code with Python, but not even one month in and I touched some of the python code and that was my initiative to do so!

So how does it feel working here? We are encouraged to try new things and everyone is willing to help. There is no such thing as stupid questions, no blaming or shaming, just supporting each other in the journey of becoming better developers. We are a small family and we help each other to grow.

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