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A cartoon face which fills the image. The face is light blue with features drawn out of proportion with black lines. The eyes are very far apart, the nose is large, and the mouth is small, directly below the nose. I’m Ben Vosper (Ben 2 using the Unmade Ben indexing system) and first joined Unmade as an intern in the summer of 2015. Back then I was working on a project to more accurately control the sizes of our customised knitted garments, I’m now a Senior Backend Engineer.

The best thing about working at Unmade is the autonomy we’re given as cross-functional teams to tackle diverse and engaging problems with creative solutions. Nothing is off the table. Proactivity is rewarded, and the talented team is extremely supportive, no matter your experience level.

My favourite recent contribution was the introduction of a suite of automated end-to-end integration tests which help us feel confident in our continuous deployment strategies. It’s called Endless because it tests both backend and frontend code, and runs on an endless loop. Get it?

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