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Photo portrait of Chris smiling directly at the camera.  He is wearing a white t-shirt under a green checked shirt

I’m Chris, I’m a senior front-end engineer and have been working at Unmade since 2016.

There are many things I love about working at Unmade, from the people, the interesting challenges and the autonomy to the annual company barbecue. I feel motivated every day by the fact that I’m working on things that I find interesting, and that I have the freedom to explore the best methods to solve problems and learn new things.

I’ve recently been working on a project where it made sense to move some long-running tasks off the browser’s main thread and onto a web worker. In doing so, I’ve learned about the capabilities and limitations of web workers and the tooling around them, which has lead to many ideas for other areas of our product that could be better served by web workers. It’s great to know that I and my colleagues have the influence to propose revisiting these features and will likely be able to implement these improvements in the near future.

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