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Portrait photo of Clara gently smiling and looking into camera. Clara has on her biker top. The photo is colored.

Hi, I’m Clara and I’m a Senior Engineering Manager at Unamde.

I’m extremely privileged to work surrounded by very smart and friendly Engineers. Matthew is a great Head of Engineering and really supportive. Unmade is a great place to work and everyone at Unmade is super friendly, creative and helpful.

I joined Unmade after working for many start-ups in the Cambridge area. Prior to moving to Cambridge, I studied and worked in Porto in the Textile industry. It has been fascinating to be back in that industry. I’ve managed Engineering Teams in several start ups and really enjoy supporting individuals to achieve their full potential.

I love learning and Unmade offers really good opportunities for that. It can be really rewarding and satisfying to work in a startup environment. Unmade is definitely a good example of that!

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