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Headshot photo of Eddi smiling broadly and looking directly into camera. Eddi has short straight dark hair and is wearing a light grey polo shirt. The background of the image is out of focus. I’m Eddi, a Senior Frontend Engineer at Unmade. I joined Unmade in November 2021 having come from a background of working in e-commerce agencies. I’ve enjoyed the switch from working with multiple clients throughout the year to working on the Unmade OS. There has been a lot to learn about the industry and product terminology, but there’s always someone in the team or the wider company who is able to help. It’s also been great to be able to add new features as well as continuously improve on the platform.

Having joined the company recently, it was quick to get a development environment running and I was able to deliver a (small) feature in my first week. Other engineers are always happy to help when I’ve become blocked and pairing is common and helpful being new to the codebase. One process which was new to me joining the company was telling a story with git commits. Helpful in structuring your commits as well as making it easier for someone reviewing your code or checking the git history. There’s still a lot to learn, and the support from other team members has helped me get up to speed quickly and I’m looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

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