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Photo of Irina looking directly at the camera. She has glasses on and dubious red hair. This is not how Irina actually looks. She is a wearing a wig and has fake glasses on.

I’m Irina, a Backend Engineer at Unmade. I have been here since May 2019 and it has been the best place to work at. I feel supported and understood here. I feel like I can always rely on the people around me.

When I started working here I didn’t know much of anything. I only knew python and was keen to learn. Luckily there have been so many opportunities for me to learn and so many people willing to teach me. Here are some of the things that I learned since I have been here:

One thing that I really enjoyed working on recently is an AWS monitoring tool integration. This tool is called X-Ray and it gives a nice overview of how our systems interact. It also generates these really cool schemas of our systems, everyone loves schemas! Check this one out:

Schema of system

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