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Portrait photo of Kitan smiling mischieviously and looking into camera. Kitan has on a black top and blue-rimmed glasses. The photo is colored.

Hi! I’m Kitan, a backend engineer at Unmade. I joined in late 2022 which was an exciting time in the team because there were lots of new developments. The environment is super friendly and supportive. I had a bit of learning curve because I come from a dotnet background and it has been super fun, learning new stuff and having these lightbulb moments.

What I love most about working at Unmade is definitely the people. There’s that genuine passion for doing the best work, helping out, and there’s also that concern on a personal level.

So far I’ve learnt about Django, TDD in python, containerisation(the pros and cons), fast fashion and analytics. One thing I enjoyed working on recently is introducing more analytics capabilities into our systems. I was able to dive into the code and create a solution that had immediate results for customers. I absolutely loved that.

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