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A man with short hair, a short beard and glasses in front of a window

Hello! I’m Matthew. I joined the Unmade as Head of Engineering in deepest, darkest lockdown, which meant I got to know everyone on Google Meet long before meeting anyone in person. When we finally got together in Peckham Rye, I was challenged to match each of my colleagues to their bike; I failed miserably.

The best thing about Unmade is without question the people. The second-best thing is that we don’t have silos: if you see something you would like to get involved in, then you can absolutely go ahead and get involved. (The worst thing about Unmade is probably the same: if you see something you would like to get involved in, you have to do it, as everyone else will be getting involved in all the things they’ve spotted!)

I’ve learnt a lot about startup strategy during my time at Unmade: it’s complex, messy and utterly fascinating.

My favourite contribution? Right now I’m quite enjoying the time I spotted that three of our colleagues had logged into our Friday all-hands wearing Breton t-shirts, and I encouraged everyone else to look out their best stripes and put on a show of stripy unity.

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