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Selfie of Pili from above and smiling directly into the camera. She has long dark wavy hear and wears a pinky hoodie with black words in the front. I’m Pili, a Senior Backend Engineer at Unmade. I’ve been here since early 2018 and one of the things that I love the most about Unmade is the people. Despite many diverse challenges that might come to any team or team member at any time, people still care about people and everyone is always ready to help in any matter.

During my time at Unmade, I have learned a lot of things about SVGs and running serverless apps - in fact one of the features I am most proud to have participated in was to create a serverless app to be able to manipulate SVGs using Inkscape. I’ve also learned to be ready to change my mind about past decisions, how to tackle problems iteratively, and gained lots of experience mentoring other team members.

And fun fact: despite the fact that I grew up in a little village in the mountains, I love to go on holidays to the beach, and I love living in big cities!

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